Vaccination Injury

The Vaccination Injury Practice Group at Rawls McNelis + Mitchell helps those who have been injured by a vaccine and may be eligible for compensation through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.


Please read the following questions carefully:

  • Have you or your child been injured by a vaccination?
  • Do you think that a vaccination is responsible for a physical or mental injury to your child?
  • Has your physician been unable to explain the cause of injuries or symptoms following a vaccination, other than the expected discomfort of the vaccination itself?
  • Did the first sign or symptom of injury occur shortly after you or your child's vaccination?

If your answer to any one of these questions is "yes," then contact us immediately. A remedy exists that could result in a significant money award for you or your child.

What is the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?

In 1986, Congress created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to award compensation to individuals who suffer injuries, or their estates in the event of death, caused by vaccinations. Claims are filed in the United States Court of Federal Claims, Office of Special Masters, in Washington, DC. The case will be heard by a "special master" who is like a judge, but doesn't wear judicial robes. A lawyer from the Department of Justice who represents the Secretary of Health and Human Services will defend the case. If the special master finds the injuries were caused by the vaccination, compensation will be awarded for the injured person's past and future medical needs, future lost wages, and past and future pain and suffering.

Which vaccines are covered?

• Tetanus Toxoid, alone, or in combination with other vaccines (for example, TT, Td)
• Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis or any combination of Diphtheria, Tetanus Toxoid, and Pertussis ("Whooping Cough") antigen-containing vaccines (for example, DTP, DTaP, P, DTP-Hib)
• Measles-Mumps-Rubella or any combination of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella ("German Measles") virus containing vaccines (for example, MMR, MR, R)
• Rubella virus containing vaccines, alone, or in combination with other vaccines (for example, MMR, MR, R)
• Measles virus containing vaccines, alone, or in combination with other vaccines (for example, MMR, MR, M)
• Polio live virus containing vaccines (OPV)
• Polio inactivated virus containing vaccines (IPV)
• Hepatitis B vaccines (Hep B)
• Hepatitis A vaccines (Hep A)
• Hemophilus influenzae type b polysaccharide conjugate vaccines (Hib)
• Varicella ("Chicken Pox") vaccines
• Rotavirus vaccines containing live, oral, rhesus-based rotavirus
• Pneumococcal ("Pneumonia") conjugate vaccines
• Seasonal flu vaccine
• Human PapillomaVirus vaccines

What about legal fees?

Importantly, lawyers' fees and costs are paid separately out of the same Vaccine Injury Fund from which awards of compensation are paid, so you don't have to pay your lawyer with your own money and the lawyer's fees and costs do not come out of the award of compensation for your vaccine injury. Lawyer's fees are paid out of the Fund whether you win or lose, as long as the case was filed "in good faith and with a reasonable basis."

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